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'''Paavoharju''' was a Finland|Finnish musical collective of ascetic Christians formed around two brothers, Lauri and Olli Ainala. They came to attention in 2005 when their debut album was highlighted as "Album of the Week" by popular publication Stylus Magazine. Their second album, 2008's Laulu Laakson Kukista (translates to ''A Song about Flowers of the Valley'') was selected by noted music website Pitchfork Media as a recommendation, and ranked 18th on Metacritic's list of the 30 best-reviewed albums of the year. The band toured the United Kingdom in mid-2007, playing shows in London and Bristol.
OriginSavonlinna, Finland
dream pop
Ambient music|ambient
Experimental Hip Hop
LabelFonal Records
Svart Records
PublisherFonal Records
PublisherThe Finnish Institute
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